'N---as In Paris' Video Warning Not Enough For U.K. Epilepsy Group

'The warning won't necessarily work for everybody,' Epilepsy Action spokeswoman Louise Cousins says.

A year after getting called out for the seizure-inducing potential of his strobe-tastic "All of the Lights" video, the Throne's Kanye West clearly got the message and preemptively put a warning on the "N---as in Paris" clip.

But even with the notice that precedes the live performance collabo with Jay-Z — which uses dizzying, flashbulb-like psychedelic effects similar to the "Lights" video — the same group that called for the previous warning is urging caution.

"Epilepsy Action was not consulted about this video, although we now know that watching it does pose a risk to people with photosensitive epilepsy," said Stacey Rennard, campaigns manager for the U.K. charity in a press release. "We are pleased to see that a warning has been put in place to make people with photosensitive epilepsy aware that the video may be harmful. However, the warning does not go far enough and the video is still potentially dangerous. Many people with photosensitive epilepsy, especially young people, do not know they have it until something triggers their first seizure."

The new warning came because of concerns that those most vulnerable to experience seizures from the video may not be appropriately shielded by the disclaimer. "Photosensitive epilepsy is most prevalent in those aged 7 to 19," Louise Cousins, a spokeswoman for Epilepsy Action, told MTV News. "Everybody has a 'seizure threshold,' but somebody may have a tendency to have seizures but not come into contact with anything that has so far triggered it in them [until they view the video]."

Cousins said the warning is fine for people who know they may suffer from the disorder, but those who are not aware may view the "Paris" clip even after reading the warning because they have never experienced a problem before.

The organization was pleased that the Throne decided to proactively add the caveat — after Epilepsy Action campaigned to have one amended to "Lights" last year — and so far, there have been no reports of any problems.

However, Rennard said that it was "very disappointing that, despite the concerns raised last year about the 'All of the Lights' video, Kanye West has knowingly made another video which could be harmful to some fans watching it. We would like to see the music industry show much more responsibility by not commissioning videos that contain potentially dangerous imagery."

For now, Epilepsy Action is not concerned about any potential problems in England, where such videos are barred from airing on TV unless they are edited into safer versions.

A spokesperson for the Throne could not be reached for comment at press time.