'Bourne' Trailer Caught In Spider-Man's Web

An avalanche of new trailers dominates the geek-tastic discussion in this week's episode of Talk Nerdy!

Second to glorious football, the big reason to tune into the Super Bowl every year is the commercials. For movie fans, this year was a giant one: We got great new looks at Taylor Kitsch's doubleheader in "Battleship" and "John Carter," but the main event was Joss Whedon's superhero-studded "Avengers."

But not to be outdone, another Marvel hero swung into action after the big game. "The Amazing Spider-Man" released its full theatrical trailer on Tuesday, spinning web-worthy chatter all week long. But even Spidey has to face some serious competition in the form of a new super spy who isn't named Jason Bourne.

We got into these trailers and more in this week's Talk Nerdy, featuring special guest and closet nerd Rob Markman from MTV News' hip-hop team!

"Bourne" To Die

There was never just one. Matt Damon's Jason Bourne is as iconic as they come in the superspy scene, no doubt, but he has new company in the form of Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross. Cross steps into the forefront with this week's release of the first "Bourne Legacy" teaser... but does it live up to its name? Is this a teaser worthy of the storied "Bourne" franchise? See what the Nerdy crew thinks in this week's episode.


Bourne doesn't get the spotlight all to himself, of course. There's also the new "Spider-Man" trailer to weigh in on this week! Andrew Garfield cracks wise and swings high in the Marvel icon's classic red-and-blues, and overall, fans are very pleased with this latest "Amazing" look. That said, even with an awesome new trailer at his disposal, did Spider-Man win the superhero of the week award? Or did another of Earth's mightiest comic book movies steal some of Spidey's thunder?

The "Phantom" Looms

There's lots to choose from at the box office this weekend, including the re-release of "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace," this time in 3-D. Is it worth going back to the world of a long time ago in a galaxy far away just for some new visual tricks, or are the weekend's all-new releases more deserving of your hard-earned theatergoing cash? One nerd played it "Safe" on the issue, while another "Vow"-ed to see something special ahead of Valentine's Day next week. Get their picks in the latest episode of Talk Nerdy.

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