Are Madonna And Britney Spears Collaborating On MDNA?

Amid rumors that Spears will appear on Madge's 'Girls Gone Wild,' MTV News looks back at their history together.

Could it be that Madonna has enlisted her pal Britney Spears for MDNA?

Well, according to a leaked album jacket, it seems that Spears is making an appearance on the album's lead track, "Girls Gone Wild."

This would mark the second collaboration on the album. Madonna nabbed Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. for the album's first single, "Give Me All Your Luvin'."

While the leaked jacket, which appeared on Britney fansite, can't be confirmed as authentic, a rep for Madge had no comment about the rumor, neither confirming nor denying it. Meanwhile, a rep for Spears never returned MTV News' request for comment.

This is hardly the first time that the two ladies have worked together. In fact, they have quite a history with each other.

The duo kicked off their nearly decade-long friendship at the 2003 VMAs when, in case you hadn't heard, they shared an onstage kiss while performing together. It was the kiss seen and heard around the world, and nearly 10 years later it is still often talked about as one of the most memorable moments in the show's storied history.

After they shared that smooch, Spears was inspired to get the Queen of Pop on her lead In the Zone single, "Me Against the Music." "I was in the middle of rehearsals for the VMAs and I played her the song, and she was like, 'That's your first single, right?' " Britney recalled in a vintage interview with MTV. "I was like, 'Yeah, hopefully.' She was like, 'I really like it.' I was like, 'Really?' I was like, 'Well, you wanna do it with me?' She said, 'Yeah.' "

They later appeared together in the warehouse-set video with one another, playing a pop star cat-and-mouse game that featured a near kiss.

Five years later, as Spears was prepping her return to the pop spotlight, she appeared onstage with Madonna during a Sticky & Sweet Tour stop at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The singer hit the stage with the pop icon to perform "Human Nature" by her side.

That same year, Madonna appeared in Spears' documentary, "For the Record," where she spoke about the younger singer. "I admire her as an artist," the Material Girl said, adding that she sees a lot of herself in Spears.

In 2011, as Spears was prepping the release of her album Femme Fatale, in an interview with Out magazine, she noted that she truly admires her friend. "Madonna. No question. She is an amazing entertainer," she said when asked whose career she most would want to emulate.

As Madonna preps the release of MDNA in March, Spears is also the topic of conversation in a recent interview with her. When asked by ABC News what it was like to smooch the pop princess, she commented, "Nice moment, good kisser. Cool," she said, clarifying that she wouldn't do it again. "No, I already did it. I don't like to repeat myself."

Well, perhaps a kiss would be "reductive" (her word, not ours), but it seems given the love that Madge and Spears fans have for the two pop stars, they wouldn't mind them cooking up some musical magic.

The track, "Girls Gone Wild," was teased in a megamix that dropped last week and it certainly feels like it would lend itself to both Madonna and Brit's musical sensibilities: It's fist-pumpingly dance-y, sexy and all about going out and having a good time, with Madge proclaiming, "Girls, they just want to have some fun/ Get fired up like a smoking gun/ On the floor till the daylight comes/ Girls, they just want to have some fun."

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