Ryan Reynolds Relives His Last Fistfight

'Safe House' actor details the 'quick little brawl' he got into in Amsterdam when he was 20.

Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington get plenty of action in their new thriller "Safe House," which revolves around Reynolds' character trying to prevent the escape/kidnapping of a dangerous rogue CIA agent (Washington) from the safe house where he works.

When MTV News caught up with Reynolds, we asked him why this story is more intriguing than most action thrillers, as well as whether he's had any real-life fighting experience to bring an extra edge to his character.

"It's such a great character piece," Reynolds said of the film's appeal. "You have two characters that are obviously diametrically opposed but they're sort of marching toward one another as opposed to away from one another. My character is an idealist, [Washington's] is basically a sociopath. They're taking slow, steady steps toward each other, and by the end they're kind of integrating," he explained. "Factor in Denzel Washington, who is one of the greatest living actors today, and [director] Daniel Espinosa, who is a young guy with a fresh take on the genre."

With regard to the hand-to-hand fighting in the film, we asked Reynolds to take us through the last time he was in an actual fight.

"I was in Amsterdam and I was probably about 20," Reynolds recalled. "People can wander around a little affected there, and this guy was on something funny and he just came at me. I don't know what he did but he just came at me. I was 20 years old and it was all a blur. I ended up in this quick little brawl and then it was over. Then the next thing I knew the police were escorting me to the train station and asking me to leave. Not because I was in trouble, but because they thought, 'If this guy sees you again, he's going to stab you.' I was escorted off the city limits."

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