Gisele Bundchen's Victoria's Secret Angels Defend Super Bowl Rant

'Leave her alone!' Adriana Lima says to MTV News after model's comments got her in hot water with Patriots fans.

NEW YORK — Losing isn't pretty, just ask Gisele Bundchen. After her husband, Tom Brady, and his New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the New York Giants on Sunday night, the supermodel had a few choice words for the quarterback's teammates — and it was all captured on camera.

"My husband cannot f---ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time," she said, expressing her feelings about the disappointing loss. "I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times."

Bundchen has since been heavily criticized for the comments. While some fans argue that the supermodel was only defending her husband, others took issue with her placing the blame on Brady's teammates.

But there's one camp that definitely has Bundchen's back: the Victoria's Secret Angels. MTV News caught up with some of the ladies on Wednesday (February 8) at the Victoria's Secret Kiss and Tell Valentine's Day Event, and they had a lot to say about the onetime Angel.

"I think that everybody was getting so into the game, and I think that it's her husband and she just really cared about it," Lindsay Ellingson said. "I don't think she meant anything bad by what she said and she was just so passionate, I don't blame her. [She was] standing up for her man."

Although model Doutzen Kroes she didn't know exactly what was said on Super Bowl night, she argued that Bundchen was justified.

"I don't know the whole deal about it," Kroes said, "[But] I think you always have to stand up for your husband, you're a team. And you know if she did that, I would've done the same."

Fellow Brazilian Adriana Lima, who had her own Super Bowl highlights with two prime-time commercials, quickly came to the defense of her friend, saying, "Leave her alone!"

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