'Hunger Games' Stars Talk Most-Anticipated Sequel Scenes

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson also reveal to MTV News who they would have liked to play if not Katniss and Peeta.

Another day, another juicy segment of our interview with the cast of "The Hunger Games" to roll out and examine. Tuesday's (February 7) installment has a slight caveat, however. For those who have yet to read Suzanne Collins' book "Catching Fire" — the follow-up to "The Hunger Games" — please take this as a friendly warning that the proceeding comments from stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson veer heavily into spoiler territory for the tentatively planned big-screen sequel.

When MTV News caught up with Lawrence and Hutcherson recently, we asked them what they hope to see in a sequel. Lawrence quickly brought up a very big step in the relationship between Katniss and Peeta.

"We get married!" the actress exclaimed, looking at Hutcherson and pointing to her ring finger with girlish enthusiasm.

"[It's] very exciting," Hutcherson said, though we detected a bit of hesitation in his voice.

Lawrence revealed that she did the "ring finger move" to Hutcherson whenever she wanted to annoy him on set. "God, I sound really annoying whenever I talk about myself in the past," she admitted. The Oscar nominee then apologized to Hutcherson, who seemed genuinely entertained by her commentary.

Looking even further ahead, past "Catching Fire," we asked about talk that the third book might be split into two films. "It's always hard, every time you convert a novel into movies, because you have to cut so much out," Lawrence said. "[So], in a weird way it's kind of a relief because you get to keep everything in there. It is a lot more work [to shoot four films] and we'll probably do them back-to-back."

Finally, we asked the two stars if they had to play another "Hunger Games" character besides their own which they would choose.

"I would probably say President Snow," Hutcherson said. "If I were President Snow, I could make some changes and give some power back to the people."

"Well, now I'm left with a goat," Jennifer joked of the dwindling character options. "Umm."

"Effie has great style," Hutcherson offered.

"Effie! That's it," Lawrence agreed about the pink-haired District 12 escort played by Elizabeth Banks. "God, yeah Effie. Thanks!"

Who would you have cast Jennifer and Josh as in "The Hunger Games," besides Katniss and Peeta? Tell us in the comments!

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