Black Keys Tell Story Behind The Other 'Gold On The Ceiling' Video

The duo shot a clip with director Harmony Korine. And yes, it's plenty weird.

By now, you've probably seen the Black Keys' new video for "Gold on the Ceiling," which premiered Monday on MTV and is a marked departure from the band's previous efforts, which were heavy on stuff like dancing security guards and Todd Bridges cameos. Mostly because it's a live clip, of course.

Still, that doesn't mean the 'Keys didn't want their latest video to follow in the WTF-worthy tradition of their previous. In fact, they actually shot a second video for the song, one directed by oddball auteur Harmony Korine. And, as they told MTV News immediately following the "Gold on the Ceiling" premiere, that never-before-seen clip is most certainly a Harmony Korine production.

"We did a video with Harmony, but it's not really for 'Gold on the Ceiling,'" frontman Dan Auerbach said.

"Well, it is, sort of," drummer Patrick Carney added.

"It's for whatever music we want to put to it. Pretty much we just let Harmony get self-indulgent, do his thing," Auerbach continued. "Pat and I are dressed up like babies, in onesies, and we're in Baby Björns being carried by giants who have our faces. And he also had the ATL Twins in it. They're these twins who are all Fubu'ed out, but they only have sex with the same girl. They're really strange. They sleep in the same bed together."

So when can fans expect to see the fruits of that Harmony Korine collaboration? Even the 'Keys don't seem to be sure ... Instead, they'd rather talk about their co-stars.

"The ATL Twins, they're 'mirror twins,' they're identical, and one's right-handed and one's left-handed," Carney explained. "And therefore they can only date the same woman and sleep in the same bed."

Interesting. And though the video does sound plenty weird, the 'Keys assured us it is very real ... at least most of it, anyway.

"OK, to be honest, the baby thing is fake," Auerbach laughed."But the ATL Twins part is actually real."

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