M.I.A.'s Super Bowl Flip-Off A Mystery To Cee Lo Green

Singer tells MTV News exclusively that he 'did not hear anything about' the U.K. rapper's middle-finger salute until Monday morning.

While NBC and the NFL are apologizing for the middle finger that M.I.A. flashed during her portion of the halftime show at the Super Bowl on Sunday, her fellow halftime performer, Cee Lo Green is making no apologies for the fumble — mostly because he didn't know anything about it until the game was long over.

"Well, I know that there's a lyric that says that 'I don't give a sh--,' and that I know that that part is censored," he told MTV News late Monday when he jumped on the phone with us to talk about hitting the stage with Madonna and company during her elaborate halftime spectacle.

For those who are not familiar with all the controversy, when M.I.A. hit the stage to perform her portion of Madonna's new single, "Give Me All Your Luvin'," she gave home viewers the middle finger at the tail-end of her performance. It quickly prompted outrage from viewers, the Parents Television Council and had TMZ sources speculating that if a fine is thrown down by the FCC, the rapper would be responsible for it.

Regardless of the outcome, Cee Lo is brushing it all off.

"Honestly I did not hear anything about it," he continued. "There was no talk about it in the dressing room afterwards and we didn't stay long after the performance because it was honestly a relief we had had it done. So I didn't hear anything until I got up to do the morning show, 'Today.' And television is a very sensitive [thing]."

In the end, Cee Lo was more focused on his own moment, when he got to share the stage with the Queen of Pop during the halftime finale. The pair brought some gospel to the show during "Like a Prayer."

"It was definitely that chaos moment, just the entire event; just the entire experience was the biggest moment for me, personally in my entire career," he said. "So it all was equally wonderful for me."

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