The Wanted Get 'Glee' Love

British boy band's Battleground single, 'Glad You Came,' will be featured on this season of the hit Fox show.

The Wanted are currently taking their fist-pumping boy band antics across America, and it seems that whatever they are doing is working. The guys just confirmed that their Battleground single, "Glad You Came," will appear on "Glee" this season.

The guys made the announcement on Twitter on Monday (February 6). The song originally appeared on their 2011 album and is now getting some love Stateside. It's already hit back in their native U.K., having topped the charts there for several weeks last year.

And, all the U.S. attention is certainly a coup for the band. "The American fans are so optimistic, very intense," bandmate Max George told MTV News about all the U.S. attention. "They're just really enthusiastic. I get a massive buzz off American people. I think it's really refreshing."

While their fans back home have already scooped up Battleground, fellow Wanted singer Jay McGuiness explained that they hope their music comes before their image — though they may have plenty of tween girls screaming their names.

"I think when we first started we were just trying to create the best pop album we could because we knew that's what everyone wanted to hear," he said of their 2010 album debut. "And then the second time around you find you want to be a lot more creative, you want to put on personal things and the writing on the first album was fun and the writing on the second album was really personal.

"And that means every time we do a live gig and people are singing it back [and] it makes everything electric," he continued. "And I think nowadays boy bands can be part of that, where the music is as key as people find them attractive and we know that boy bands often had shelf lives because the image came before the music. And we're trying to be the other way around. So far it's working because we like singing and people like listening to us."

The band — which also includes Tom Parker, Siva Kaneswaran and Nathan Sykes — is here promoting Battleground. Their U.S. tour will wrap up on Wednesday in Los Angeles before they kick off an arena tour on February 15 in their native England.

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