'Caged' Stars Bring Their MMA Moves To New York

Daniel and Danger tell MTV News what they're looking forward to on the latest episode, which airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

The stars of MTV's new docu-series "Caged" have been in the ring with some of the fiercest competitors in their league. They've been punched, kicked and even knocked unconscious.

Yet, when two of the stars from the show, Daniel and Matt (a.k.a Danger), visited New York City, we put them up against their toughest competition yet: Me.

That's right, I put Daniel and Danger up to the ultimate challenge of teaching me MMA. After much instruction, I was taught to punch, kick and work my way out of what they call a "schoolyard headlock," which is not as easy as it may look. Even though they assured me I was ready to enter the cage, I think I will leave the fighting up to them.

After our workout, we took Daniel and Danger to the heart of New York: Times Square. Just a few months ago, these two could have never dreamt of leaving their small town of Minden, Louisiana, but as they strolled through Times Square for the first time, these two were both mesmerized as they took in the sights and sounds and their newfound fame.

"It is an adjustment," Daniel said. "I'm dealing with it pretty good, though. It's just trying to get used to people acting like I'm a superstar or something."

Fans might think they know everything about Daniel, but with the fifth episode airing Monday (February 6) at 10 p.m. ET, he is ready for everyone to see a new side.

"I can't wait for the fans to see me being more open," Daniel said. "The honest side of me, because I hate if there's any chance of me being fake. I want to be honest to everybody. I don't like lying to people or being fake, that's one of the biggest things for me."

Danger, who faced his toughest opponent in last week's episode, wants fans to recognize just how much he has developed as a fighter.

"I'm just excited for everybody to see my fights. I worked really hard at this," Danger said. "I love fighting. I take it very seriously. I plan on moving forward with it in the future. I'm really excited for everyone to see my fights and see me grow as a fighter and as a person through the season."

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