Madonna Halftime Show: The Reviews Are In!

Super Bowl performance reinstates Madge as 'the biggest pop vixen on the planet.'

Madonna did it all on Sunday night when she performed during the Super Bowl halftime show in Indianapolis.

She was an Egyptian Queen "Vogue"-ing it up for her biggest devotees. She was a cheerleader, cheering on L-U-V alongside a middle-finger flinging M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj for "Give Me All Your Luvin'." She got her "Music" on with LMFAO and she sang the gospel of "Like a Prayer" with Cee Lo Green.

In a sea of costume changes (with looks by Givenchy and Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott), dancers, acrobats, A-list collaborators and a killer set list, Madonna seemed to leave very little to chance. Sure, there were a few slip-ups, but, in the end, Madonna ensured that all anyone would be talking about around the water cooler come Monday morning was her, whether or not you completely loved what she did during the show.

"It's Madonna Louise Ciccone's world, we're just living in it," wrote about her 12-minute-plus performance. "The pop icon took to the world's biggest stage to rock three-and-a-half older tracks and a playful new song during the Super Bowl halftime show."

While the Super Bowl audience is usually dominated by people who most likely aren't Madge fans, the singer, according to one review, seemed indifferent to that fact. "Madonna was defiantly unconcerned with the more conservative red state wing of the football fanbase who'd never be caught dead singing along to one of her songs," the Los Angeles Times noted about her performance. "And her halftime show was pure spectacle by the Cleopatra of the game."

The show, according to the Chicago Tribune, wasn't just about her, but also about reminding fans that she's about to drop her next album, MDNA, in March. "This was Madonna's party, and besides breaking off bits of her greatest hits to remind people of a time when she was the biggest pop vixen on the planet, she had important career-advancing work to do," the review noted. "Madonna, after all, never does anything unless she's got something to sell, and with a new studio album due out in March and a tour to follow, she had plenty on her to-do list."

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