OK Go's Super Bowl Commercial Hits Overdrive

'Needing/Getting' video features a heavily tricked-out Chevy Sonic.

At this point, after all the treadmills, Rube Goldberg machines, dogs on Ikea furniture, choreographed dance routines, color-coordinated jumpsuits and, uh, toast, you're probably wondering what OK Go could possibly do for their next music video.

Well, now we know the answer. In their new "Needing/Getting" video — which premiered Sunday (February 5) on MTV.com and will also be seen in a Chevy commercial during tonight's Super Bowl XLVI — OK Go stage a full-blown vehicular spectacular. Part Baja rally, part demolition derby, all ingenious, it features the fearless quartet speeding along a desert track, making hair-pin turns, and very nearly wrecking — all while using the car itself to bash out the tune.

The band and director Brian L. Perkins (who directed an early version of their "This Too Shall Pass" clip) used more than 1,100 homemade instruments — plus 55 pianos and countless guitars — a painstakingly plotted road course and a bevy of appendages bolted onto a Chevy Sonic (they probably don't come standard) to make the whole project fly. It's the kind of "How did they do that?!?" clip that OK Go have come to be known for. The mind boggles at just how many takes it took to get the whole thing right, and the fact that they're using corporate sponsorship to do it (much like they did with the equally eye-catching "Pass," which was subtly sponsored by State Farm) makes it even more brilliant.

In a way, it's OK Go gaming the system, taking full advantage of a benevolent car manufacturer to make their dreams a reality. But, really, that's all high-minded thought for another day. Right now, I'm going to watch "Needing/Getting" again, and marvel how a band can keep pushing the envelope this far. And I will say this: If I were to buy a musical car, it would probably be a Chevy Sonic. So, in that regard too, this clip's a winner.

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