Madonna's 'Luvin' Not Meant To Be A Super Bowl Video

'We were never asked to make something in relation to the Super Bowl,' directors Megaforce exclusively tell MTV News.

Two days before Madonna took the stage for the Super Bowl halftime show, she dropped a video for her lead MDNA single "Give Me All Your Luvin' " that was chock-full of cheerleaders and football players.

While it may seem awfully suspicious that Madge would tout football in a video released mere days before her halftime spectacle Sunday night, the clip's duo of directors, the Megaforce, insist the similarly themed moments are purely coincidental.

"I think the track has something to do with cheerleading. It's pretty clear that the beginning is a kind of cheering [anthem]," the Megaforce's Clement Gallet told MTV News about the song, which also features Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. "With this one, it felt like there was no point to bring it somewhere else [in terms of visuals] other than where it was. I don't think our cheerleaders are really obvious."

In fact, the cheerleaders in the video look way different than the ones cheering at the Big Game. Led by Minaj and M.I.A., the cheer squad sports anime-like masks and even gets a bit cheekily violent when one bats the head off a football player near the end of the clip. While the Super Bowl plans had been in the air when Madge and the crew hit the New York set back in December, the video's look was influenced more by the Martin Solveig track than anything else, the director say.

"We were aware that this video, this track was supposed to be aired during the Super Bowl, but we never felt or we were never even asked to make something in relation to the Super Bowl," Gallet explained. "And I think it's just — it's not a coincidence, we had the Super Bowl in mind — but we are not doing a video about Super Bowl."

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