Rick Ross Has No Beef With Pill

'Once you rep the MMG flag, I'll never step on your feet,' Rick Ross tells MTV News of his former Maybach affiliate.

God Forgives, I Don't may be the name of Rick Ross' upcoming LP, but the Bawse isn't as coldhearted as his album title may suggest. When it comes to former Maybach Music affiliate Pill, Rozay wishes the Atlanta MC all the best.

"I'm a real dude and I'm a real boss and once you rep the MMG flag, I'll never step on your feet; I'mma give you a pass anyway," Ross told MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway of Pill while at French Montana's "Shot Caller" remix video shoot in Miami on Sunday.

In December, P-I-Double L took to Twitter to vent about his label situation with Warner Music Group, blaming WMG for his lack of radio and television support. Because of his prominent appearance on Maybach Music's Self Made Vol. 1 compilation, many believed that Pill was signed to Ross' label, but in an exclusive interview with MTV News in January, Pill revealed that he was never technically signed to Rozay and that his deal went strictly through MMG's parent company, Warner.

"Pill's situation was a special situation because he was already signed to Warner before I did my label deal at Warner. So when I did do my deal, it was a business opportunity that was presented where Pill could run with the team for a year," Ross confirmed. "I took that opportunity. That year ran its course and it was pretty much up to Warner what decisions they wanted to make with Pill as an artist after that point. I think they made it."

Pill told MTV News in January that he was working on getting a release from Warner and made it clear that he had no problems with anyone in MMG personally — though he did say that he and Ross didn't speak very often. "I ain't got nothing against none of them, nobody. It's just the situation don't work," Pill said matter-of-factly. "It's cool with us, I don't got nothing against Ross either. It's just I don't talk to him."

Some believed that Pill's outspokenness would anger the Boss, but Rozay didn't take any of it to heart. "He made sure he reached out to me and called me and clarified," Ross said. "He expressed that in no way was he disrespecting the team or the brand, because it's a great opportunity and a great look."

As far as why the "Trap Goin' Ham" rapper's situation didn't work out, Ross thought the young MC just needed a hit record and a little luck to build his momentum. He used the success of MMG's Meek Mill and Wale to exemplify his point. "Certain things happen for certain people at certain times and none of us could really predict that," he explained. "I couldn't predict that Meek Mill would bring 'Ima Boss' to me or we couldn't predict that Wale would bring 'That Way.' "

Even though Pill and WMG are now going their separate ways, Ross is looking forward to seeing his former Maybach affiliate rack up a win. "Hopefully, in the future he'll bring him a hit record, and get him some paper and do his thing," he said. "I wish him much success."

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