Adam Lambert Battles Himself In 'Better Than I Know Myself'

Bad-boy Lambert and nice-guy Lambert are at war with each in new clip.

Adam Lambert dropped his new video for his first Trespassing single, "Better Than I Know Myself," on Friday (February 3).

The video takes a look at the two sides of Lambert: a leather-wearing, liquor-swilling bad boy and a sweater-donning, tea-drinking homebody.

During the video, the two personas seem to battle it out in different apartments connected by a clear wall and one oxygen supply.

In the end, as the bad Lambert sets his apartment on fire, killing good-guy Lambert's air supply, the wall breaks down. The good seems to seep into his apartment as he rescues his better half. The video ends with one Lambert, walking down a sun-drenched street, seeming to be at peace with himself.

"It's about the relationship you have with yourself between your dark and light side," Lambert, who will reportedly hit the road with Queen this summer, explained to MTV News. "It's about duality. It's about that balance and finding it and struggling to maintain it and what that means. It's an emotionally complicated video and I hope people are open-minded about it. I thought really hard and long about what was covered in it and what I was trying to say with it."

The video does seem to nod to his "Whataya Want From Me" clip. "It's a cousin to that. ... There is something similar to 'Whataya Want From Me.' I think that domesticated version of myself is my idealistic better version of me," he explained. "It's the me I want to be in my right mind. It's the most happy, content, peaceful, wholesome version of myself."

The clip was directed by Ray Kay (who also worked with Lambert on his "For Your Entertainment" video), and Lambert came up with the treatment with his "Whataya" director, Diane Martel. "I just think visually [Kay's] so great. He's so great. He creates great pictures," he said, adding a big "thank you" to Martel for her help. "It's a big collaboration of a lot of different ideas."