New 'Hunger Games' Trailer: Five Key Scenes

MTV News takes a closer look at the latest sneak peek.

Anytime we see anything new from "The Hunger Games," it's like Christmas came early around here. On Thursday (February 2), we were gifted with a brand-new teaser trailer for the film, which is set to air on Super Bowl Sunday.

The one-minute spot features some familiar elements shown in the first full-length trailer, but there are also several juicy new items to look out for.

Here are the five key scenes in the new "Hunger Games" teaser:

Silver-Tongued Caesar Flickerman

Finally, we're starting to get sneak peeks at more key "Hunger Games" players. In this case, we get a good long look at (and listen to) Stanley Tucci as sweet-talking official "Games" interviewer Caesar Flickerman. Think of an over-caffeinated, duplicitous Matt Lauer, if you will. Flickerman's job is to get the tributes to open up to him and "perform" for the Capitol audience. There is a perfect example in the teaser, as Tucci-as-Flickerman asks Katniss a loaded, personal question: "What did you say to your sister when you volunteered at the reaping?"

"I told her I would try to win for her," Katniss answers sincerely.

"And try you will," Flickerman adds with dramatic intonation in his voice, before bending down and kissing Katniss' hand.

Katniss Gives Prim The Mockingjay Pin

For the book lovers out there, yes, this scene is different from how Suzanne Collins wrote it in the book, but it makes sense in the emotional context of the film. We see Katniss give her little sister a mockingjay pin and say, "As long as you have it, nothing bad will happen to you, I promise." This is significant because the mockingjay is seen as a rebellious symbol to the Capitol. It should also be familiar to fans who've read the books, as the symbol graces the cover of "The Hunger Games."

Cinna's Secret Gift

This one relates to the opening scene of the teaser. Just before Katniss is sent up to the arena for the start of the Games, her intuitive stylist Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) pulls out the mockingjay pin that she gave her sister back in District 12 and pins it underneath Katniss' jacket. It's a powerful moment, in that it shows how in tune Cinna is with his tribute and that he believes in her strength, along with the fact that Prim somehow sent it along, because Katniss promised her that "nothing bad will happen" to her if she wears it.

Katniss in Her Yellow Dress

Again, this one is for our fellow readers of the book, but holy cow, they show Katniss in her yellow dress! It's a very brief moment, but a loaded one. Without going into spoilers, because there are more than a few surrounding this particular look, the yellow dress Katniss wears is her most innocent-looking. Cinna designed it to showcase the softer side of the "girl on fire," and the color was to be more like candlelight than flames.

More President Snow And Effie Trinket

We'll take as many teases of the supporting players as possible, like the brief glimpse we get of Donald Sutherland's likely first scene in the movie as President Snow. "Welcome! And Happy Hunger Games!" he says via a big-screen monitor transmitting the opening of the games from the Capitol. His voice has the perfect amount of gravitas and disturbing excitement for the upcoming bloodbath. And the puffiness of his white hair only adds to his menacing-but-stately look. Plus, we get a little more from uppity type-A escort Effie Trinkett, who eats up anything and everything official from the Capitol. "I just love that!" she says breathily after President Snow kicks off the reapings.

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