Nicki Minaj Gets 'Risque' In David Guetta's 'Turn Me On'

'I wanted to come with a new story, with a new concept,' Guetta tells MTV News about the just-released music video.

Feeling a bit confused by David Guetta and Nicki Minaj's just-released video for "Turn Me On"? No problem!

MTV News recently caught up with the French producer and DJ, who offered up an explanation about the somewhat kooky and at times even NSFW video, which follows a mad scientist (Guetta) who creates his very own doll (MC and self-proclaimed Barbie Nicki) in a steampunk world filled with a bunch of other dolls.

"It's totally different," Guetta said. "Until now, my message was very much like, 'OK, we're all the same; we're all together. Let's share a beautiful moment.' And that's what I do as a DJ and also as a producer. But I think people got that message, you know, in my videos, and I wanted to come with a new story, with a new concept and something maybe a little more artsy in terms of creation and a little more crazy too.

"It's a little more risqué," he added. "I don't know if everybody's going to love it. I don't know if it's going to make me sell records, and to be honest, I don't really care. I wanted to have a video that is a piece of art by itself. That was not necessarily trying to sell the record but that was just something that exists by itself."

So is the "Turn Me On" visual everything Guetta thought it was going to be?

"I am so excited about this video. I have no words. I worked with the director Sanji in his studio," he said. "This is hopefully going to be my best video and people are really going to be shocked. It's absolutely madness, and [Minaj] delivers, always. She's the most incredible rapper/singer, but visually, I think no one can come close to her in terms of expressions and looks, and that video is, I think, even [she] is gonna be shocked. It's really amazing."

"Turn Me On" is the fifth single from Guetta's Nothing but the Beat and the second to feature Minaj, who also contributed to "Where Them Girls At" in 2011.

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