Daniel Radcliffe Reveals What Movies Give Him The Chills

'Woman in Black' star tells MTV News the giant spiders in 'Jumanji' used to keep him up at night.

For the star of an upcoming coming horror film, you might expect Daniel Radcliffe to know his way around the genre. But when it comes to movies that really scare the "Woman In Black" star, he doesn't exactly name the cream of the crop.

"'Jumanji,' funnily enough," Radcliffe admitted to MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "The giant spiders in 'Jumanji' freaked me out as a kid, because I used to wake up in the middle of the night thinking I was seeing them around me."

While the Robin Williams movie might not inspire nightmares for most people, it was enough to make an impression on the young Radcliffe. Not satisfied with his first answer, however, he vowed to give a more "proper horror film" that scared him as a child.

So naturally, Radcliffe moved onto the Jennifer Lopez classic, "Anaconda." "I remember the first kind of horror-thriller thing that I ever watched was also 'Anaconda,' " he said. "I've got some serious pedigree."

The actor shared a story about his first time watching the film, at a friend's birthday party, and his fondness for Ice Cube's character. "We all picked a character, and when our character died, we had to leave the room and weren't allowed to watch the film. I was in it until the end because Ice Cube survives."

Despite his less reputable horror-movie knowledge, Radcliffe insisted that he actually knew a thing or two about the classics growing up. "I never watched 'The Exorcist.' I never saw it when I was a kid. I've watched it since," he said. "When I was 12, all my friends were saying 'You should watch 'The Exorcist,' it's really funny. You'll just find it funny.' I watched it later, thinking I would not have found that funny at 12. I'm terrified now. I would have been scared then."

Still not satisfied with his defense of his own horror-movie knowledge, Radcliffe attempted to clear up any lingering questions about his cred. "I also like films like 'The Shining,' " he said. "I should mention just because I really should mention a good horror film at this point."

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