Diddy Aims To Bring A 'New Energy' To Cable TV

'We're coming with something that people are going to want to tune in to see,' Diddy tells MTV News.

Diddy alert! The music mogul isn't making an official announcement concerning his upcoming music-themed cable channel, but when the time is right, you can bet that his patented Diddy swag will be in full swing.

"I haven't made that announcement yet. That's something that kinda leaked to the press," the Bad Boy CEO told Sway on Sunday in Miami while on a break from shooting French Montana's "Shot Caller" remix video.

Broadcasting & Cable originally broke the news January 23, citing unnamed sources. It was reported that Puff hooked up with former MTV programming chief Andy Schuon to develop Revolt, a network aimed at African-American audiences, set to launch in December. Diddy couldn't confirm any of the information, however.

"When I have everything officially solidified, I'll be able to speak on it more. Only thing I can say is, we're coming with a new energy, we're coming with something that people are going to want to tune in to see," he said.

Diddy went on to cite the influence that Viacom networks MTV and BET have had on his career. "We want to give thanks to MTV and BET for paving the way," he said. "Somebody had to bubble, somebody had to come up out of the grind of working with the greats over at MTV and BET, and I thank y'all for all the support. MTV gave me my first shot, made me a global star."