Saigon Fires Multiple Shots On Latest Mixtape

On Warning Shots 3: One Foot in the Grave, Sai focuses on street-bred raps.

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Mixtape: Warning Shots 3: One Foot in the Grave

Headliner: Saigon

Real Spit: Now that Saigon has finally told his greatest story, the hard-nosed rap spitter has returned to bust more shots. After almost five years of delays, Giddy dropped his debut The Greatest Story Never Told in February 2011, and he's not letting up with Warning Shots 3: One Foot in the Grave, his newest mixtape released on January 24.

Hosted by multiplatinum producer Just Blaze, WS3 opens with a bang. "BBB (Real N---as Never Die)" samples Buju Banton's 1992 reggae classic "Boom Bye Bye" and launches a full-scale attack on fashion-forward MCs, focusing his energy on street-bred raps instead. "I rather hear a n---a lying on firing glocks/ Than to have to hear a n---a rhyme about designer socks."

The onslaught continues on "I Am 4 Real," the tape's first single, and on the Lil' Fame-assisted "Another Man Down." On the latter, Sai twists Rihanna's "Man Down" vocals for the song's murderous hook and shares a perfect chemistry with M.O.P.'s Fame. In underground rap circles, Giddy's original Warning Shots is heralded as a classic. On the third installment of the series, Sai revisits "Come Again," a track that appeared on WS in 2004. The beat on "Come Again 2012" is the same, but the flow is upgraded. Trading his New York slang for a Caribbean patois, the Yardfather goes in spitting: "Lickle Saigon, what are you doin' back here/ They said you were supposed to retire last year/ Tell 'em don't believe everything that you hear/ 2012 things finna get clear."

It's not all chest-pounding on WS3, however. With "Women Are the New Dogs," Sai shows a different side as he slows things down. He's not exactly heartbroken, but Giddy raps somberly, realizing that he may not be able to trust the fairer sex.

Over the course of the 19-track mixtape, Saigon shows resiliency. His oft-delayed debut album may have been stalled due to label changes and industry politics, but through it all he has persevered.

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