Demi Moore 911 Call: Was Rumer Willis There?

On the call, someone called 'Ru' was asked to provide an address for emergency responders.

Ever since news of Demi Moore's hospitalization broke, more details have emerged each day to paint a clearer picture of the circumstances that led to the actress' ambulance ride to the ER on Monday night.

Some reports have claimed Moore was inhaling nitrous oxide from aerosol cans, also known as whip-its, the night the 911 call was placed from her home in Los Angeles, the recording and details of which were released Friday (January 27). Several people were heard on the call describing various symptoms the actress was experiencing at the time, as well as a few comments that seemed to indicate that Moore's friends were just learning of her alleged substance abuse.

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One question that is causing a buzz online is whether Moore's 23-year-old daughter, Rumer Willis, was present during the ordeal. Careful listening of the 911 call reveals an exchange between one of the callers and someone named "Ru," who is asked for the specific address and instructions for how the paramedics can get to the house.

"Hey, Ru, what's the name at the gate so that we can buzz them in from here?" a man is heard asking on the call.

There has been no confirmation regarding Rumer's presence at the scene, but she reportedly goes by the "Ru" nickname and references it on her Twitter account.

Sources told E! News that Moore's three daughters are doing fine since their mom's health scare. Rumer reportedly visited her mother several times at the hospital before she was discharged earlier this week. Tallulah, 17, is with her dad, Bruce Willis. "She's doing great," the source said. "Her grandmother [Bruce's mom] is also there with her." Moore's other daughter, 20-year-old Scout, goes to Brown University in Rhode Island and reportedly hasn't been home since the incident.