'I Just Want My Pants Back' Cast Calls 'Jersey Shore' 'A Great Show'

'Pants Back' cast throws a party in Brooklyn to celebrate the show's much-anticipated premiere on February 2.

NEW YORK — On Thursday night, the cast of MTV's latest scripted comedy, "I Just Want My Pants Back," gathered at the Public Assembly in Brooklyn, where they not only celebrated the show's imminent arrival, but also got to hang out with their Thursday night cohorts, the cast of the "Jersey Shore."

The pilot for the series originally got some love when it made its debut after the VMAs in August, and now it will officially kick off its run next Thursday. The cast, it seems, can't wait to finally have it on air.

"At last! I know everyone's been asking," Jordan Carlos joked to MTV News about the long-simmering delay. "My parents can finally get off my back; it's real. It'll be on on Groundhog Day, which happens to be my birthday as well."

"We've been seeing the commercials for the show for years now," Sunkrish Bala teased. "Slow burn, but it's all coming to a beautiful conclusion right now."

"It feels so crazy to be here right now," co-star Kim Shaw said. "We wanted people to see it at the VMAs to give people a taste of what we were filming, and now that we're finished with the series, we're so excited that everyone gets to see the whole thing."

Having already had one very high-profile premiere, it seems that next week it will get one more thanks to the "Jersey Shore" as its lead-in. "It's awesome," Elisabeth Hower said. "The fact that the network has so much confidence around us really means a lot, and I think that says a lot about the show. Please watch the show. We're nice people."

"It's an amazing lead-in," said Peter Vack, leading man of "Pants Back." " 'Jersey Shore' is a great show."

While "Jersey Shore" and "Pants Back" may seem like different shows on the surface — one's scripted, one's a reality show; one's about hipsters, one's about guidos — they both deal with a group of friends navigating their love lives. "Pants Back" follows a group of twentysomethings in New York City as they pilot love, friendship and the job market with a good dose of dirty humor and some heart thrown in for good measure.

"The show just goes so many fun places," Vack teased. "It's just a crazy ride, and I'm excited for people to take the ride with us."

"Pants Back" premieres on February 2 at 11 P.M. ET/PT right after "Jersey Shore."

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