'Hunger Games' Stars Tackle Your Final Questions!

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth share their favorite bands and much more.

Once again, we're back with "Hunger Games" stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth for a final round of fan-asked questions and answers with the three soon-to-be superstars.

Over the course of the past few weeks, Lawrence, Hutcherson and Hemsworth have addressed varied topics such as on-set pranks, on-the-job injuries and which actor is most like his or her character.

Today marks our final installment, in which the three lead actors from the highly anticipated film discuss musical influences, getting into character, being on fire and chemistry with their co-stars.

@vic_rendueles: Music plays a big part in the HG. What type of music inspires you and why?

Josh Hutcherson: Music is a huge part of my life. If I feel off for a couple of days, chances are I've not been listening to enough music — it's that important to me. But I listen to everything from '60s rock and roll to the Arctic Monkeys to the Black Keys to dubstep, so it's literally full-on schizophrenic, my music taste.

Jennifer Lawrence: I was just listening to Mumford & Sons on the way up here — love Mumford, the Black Keys, Jack White. I'm really looking forward to the musical part of the movie; T-Bone Burnett is producing it, and he's the best in the world, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Liam Hemsworth: One of my favorite bands is Coldplay; I love Coldplay. I love a lot of old-school rock too — Pink Floyd, Guns N' Roses — I love that stuff. Music is a great way to get in a good headspace if you have an intense scene or any kind of scene. There's always some kind of music that can help you feel and get in to that kind of headspace.

@KiwiMcI: Was it hard to balance Katniss' inner vulnerability with the strength she's forced to adopt in the horrors of the arena?

Lawrence: Wow, what a question. Let's see, I think everybody has vulnerability and strength. I think she's vulnerable anyway, like all of the tributes, because none of them really want to be there. They're chosen randomly, they're all forced into the arena. She gathers strength, she has to fight to survive. She's promised her sister that she would come back, so she replaces her vulnerability with strength.

@maartjej239: How was it to be "on fire" in the chariots?

Lawrence: Oh, that was fake. I wasn't actually on fire, thank God. ... I think they'll just add that later, hopefully.

@eringabin: In a postapocalyptic world like Panem, what would your most valuable survival skill be?

Hemsworth: I'd hope that I could shoot like Katniss. That would probably help a lot. I can't, though.

@LoveAcrossTime: From the trailer alone, the fans already see the amazing chemistry between [Katniss and Peeta]. Was that an instant thing?

Hutcherson: It really was. Jennifer and I hit it off right away, as did myself and Liam. Jennifer and I are kind of from the same part of the country, we had a similar upbringing, the same kind of system, more or less. She's just a very real person, and you don't meet many actresses that are super real and down-to-earth and genuine and are extremely talented on top of all that, so she kind of has the whole thing going on, and she's an awesome person. I really hit it off with her.

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