Lindsay Lohan Sued After Car Crash With Nanny

Actress allegedly hit Nubia Del Carmen Preza back in 2010 when the nanny was pushing a stroller across the road.

Lindsay Lohan can't stay out of the headlines for more than a few weeks. The problem-plagued actress has been sued by a woman claiming Lohan hit her with her car.

According to TMZ, the accident occurred way back in September 2010, when Lohan was reportedly seen running a red light in West Hollywood, California, and hit a nanny, Nubia Del Carmen Preza, who was pushing a stroller across the intersection.

A witness, Brayan Jaime — who was an aspiring paparazzi photographer at the time of the hit-and-run — told the website the accident was a "major hit." He claims he saw the bumper of Lohan's sports car hit Preza in the leg and lift three of the stroller's four wheels into the air on impact.

Jaime also said he heard crying but that the child didn't appear to have been injured; he didn't comment on Preza's condition. When asked why he didn't immediately call the police after witnessing the crash, Jaime said he didn't have a good reason. "I should have. I'm not sure," he told TMZ. "I didn't want to get involved."

There was talk that Jaime and another fellow paparazzo managed to capture video of the incident, but nothing has surfaced yet. Perhaps the filing of the lawsuit will change that.

Preza has reportedly filed for unspecified damages in her suit. There is no word on whether Preza sustained any lasting injuries from the crash or why she didn't immediately file the lawsuit or police charges against Lohan at the time.