The Rock Says 'Pain And Gain' Is 'On The Right Track'

'The goal would be to shoot this year,' Dwayne Johnson tells MTV News of Michael Bay action flick.

Although director Michael Bay has frequently mentioned that the next movie he will make is his passion project "Pain and Gain," a smaller-budget action flick based on the real-life story about bodybuilders-turned-kidnappers in Miami, there has yet to be any official announcement regarding a production start date or the confirmation of rumored stars Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

It now appears that that announcement is coming very soon as Johnson recently told MTV News that the movie is full steam ahead and that only a few minor technicalities need to be worked out, like Wahlberg's schedule.

"It's going. We're on the right train and the right track," Johnson told us recently of the film's production status during the press day for his upcoming film "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island." "Often in Hollywood, it's the right train, wrong track.

"It's an awesome project, 'Pain and Gain.' It's been with Michael Bay for several years now. I read it years ago; I loved it and wanted to do it then. He brought it back to me now," Johnson said. "I hear Wahlberg is in talks and it looks like we're going to do it. It's a really, really cool story."

The "Fast Five" star went on to say that the film will be shooting this year in order to accommodate the busy schedules of Bay, Wahlberg and Johnson.

"The goal would be to shoot it this year because [Bay] has 'Transformers' to make, obviously that's a juggernaut. I can't wait for that. Plus, I've got 'Fast Six' business, I've got to hunt Vin Diesel down and whoever else is on my list."

Given the fact that Wahlberg is still in talks and trying to work out his schedule, we asked Johnson if he's thought about sending the "Contraband" star any special gifts in order to get the film solidified and officially greenlit.

"No. Here's my gift: It's The Rock, that's my gift. It's me," he said with a devilish grin. "All of this man and a half."

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