Sleigh Bells' 'Comeback Kid' Video Is Candy-Colored Chaos

First clip from band's Reign of Terror album grabs, throttles and leaves you begging for more.

So there's not exactly a ton of wanton violence or bizarre high school fetishism in Sleigh Bells' brand-new "Comeback Kid" video (though the threat of both certainly exists throughout), but as the dynamic duo prepare to release the follow-up to their breakout Treats album — appropriately titled Reign of Terror — you can take solace in the fact that they're not straying too far from what got them to this point.

In a sense, "Comeback Kid" only expands on both the Bells' signature sound (Alexis Krauss' saccharine coos coupled with Derrick Miller's shifty shredding, with trilling, thrilling electronic ephemera tossed in for good measure) and their look. They're both rocking Ray-Bans and Krauss' bangs are as blocky as ever (though, as the video reveals, she may have gone blond). They effortlessly pair letterman jackets and Nirvana T-shirts with DayGlo Daisy Dukes and studded leather jackets. The video recalls '80s teen romp comedies, all proof that, like its music, the band has not met an era it couldn't incorporate ... with maximum impact, of course.

So, while there are a grand total of zero explosions in the "Comeback" video (unlike "Infinity Guitars"), and while neither member of the band shoves the other out of a speeding car (that would be the basic plot behind "Rill Rill"), the new video is a logical successor to both those clips. It's a whirling collection of eye-catching, seemingly disparate imagery — Krauss jumping on a bed while cradling a rifle, dreamy beachscapes, suburban skateboarding, a winking dog, grocery store high jinks — that all builds to a candy-colored climax.

Like they proved with the (thoroughly awesome) teaser trailer for Terror, Sleigh Bells definitely know how to make a music video, and "Comeback Kid" is just the latest example. It doesn't have to make a whole lot of sense — or, really, any sense — to grab you, throttle you, and leave you begging for more.

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