'Workaholics' 'Constantly Stimulated' On First Date

Comedy Central stars share their silly slacker laughs with MTV News.

There's no normal way go on a date with four men simultaneously. That goes without saying. So, imagine going out with four guys who make a living rapping about what it's like to be a wizard (while in equally mystical costumes, natch) and have popularized an observational comedy game called "poop dollar." This is how I spent one recent afternoon at the Greenwich Village Country Club playing mini-golf with the cast of "Workaholics" for the most-recent edition of First Date.

On the show, three men (Anders Holm, Blake Anderson and Adam DeVine, playing Anders Holmvik, Blake Henderson and Adam DeMamp, respectively) spend their days at a middle-management gig at a telemarketing company. During their downtime, they get really wasted and go on incredible, hilarious adventures, sometimes with their friend, Karl Hevacheck (played by ... wait for it ... Kyle Newacheck), where things get weird — but rest assured, everything just happens to be OK in the end.

The way they were discovered almost echoes the optimistic slacker vibe the show lends: "I met Kyle and Blake at community college. Improv class, day one ... met 'Ders at the Second City," DeVine explained about the origins of their very real-life friendship. "And then we started making Internet comedy videos, and Comedy Central was like, 'We like how you guys aren't popular, but you have a voice, have a take,' and gave us a show."

The franchise has long been centered on new music acts, but since the show's premiere, a small sect of us at MTV News have taken it upon ourselves to spread its decidedly sophomoric gospel. The "Workaholics" brand of humor extends far beyond their show, as they attempted to out-funny each other's answers to the Date questions.

In regard to what a typical first date for them is like, DeVine bluntly replied, "For me, personally, just hard-core sex from the get-go ... smashin', beatin'-it-up sex." His co-star Anderson (who recently got into a pretty unfunny fall) retorted with a first-date plan that's too hot to write here — just know that his statement wrapped with, "I'm constantly stimulated."

And for those two-odd hours we shared on the course, it's safe to say we all were.