Miranda Cosgrove Drops Second 'iCarly' Soundtrack

iCarly: iSoundtrack II features original songs from Nickelodeon cast and hits by Katy Perry, Ke$ha.

Miranda Cosgrove is currently in between seasons of her hit Nickelodeon series, "iCarly," but that doesn't mean that fans can't dance their butts off to some of the show's choice tunes. On Tuesday (January 24), the teen star dropped iCarly: iSoundtrack II, and it's certainly filled with just enough Carly musical goodness to keep everyone at bay until the next season of the show kicks off.

Featuring original tunes from Cosgrove and her "iCarly" castmates, the album also includes hits like Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" and Ke$ha's "Blow." For her part, Cosgrove recorded her songs during her 2011 Dancing Crazy Tour, making the experience that much more frenzied in the best way possible.

"It was kind of crazy and chaotic, because I'd have a day off and I'd be in Boston or I'd be in New York and I'd go in the studio and work on these songs," Cosgrove told MTV News.

Cosgrove recently dropped the track "Million Dollars" off the record and elaborated a bit about why she wanted to record that song.

"It's kind of about like I was in a relationship and the person meant everything to me and then — I don't know — it's that feeling that you have when you break up with someone and you're kind of questioning everything," she said. "And you don't really know what went wrong and you really cared about the person. So I mean I just try to do songs that are different experiences I've been through and stuff that I think people that watch my show can relate to."

While she is looking forward to releasing this new batch of music, she certainly isn't ruling out hitting the studio to work on some of her own tunes. "I really want to. I love music and I love going on tour," she said. "I think touring is one of my favorite things because I get to meet all the people that watch the show and are into the music. It's totally different than being on a little sound stage."

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