'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul: 'I Know How It Ends'

'It's going to be pretty intense,' he promises MTV News at Sundance about the 'Bad' finale.

By now, "Breaking Bad" fans are well aware that Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is the danger. He blew the face off of an ingenious criminal drug lord in a dramatic seasons-long showdown. He secretly poisoned a little boy as a means to manipulating his on-again off-again business partner into helping him kill said drug lord. Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake: four seasons deep, Walt has finally broken bad.

With only one season remaining before "Breaking Bad" closes the meth lab for good, it's anybody's guess how the saga of the cancer-stricken chemistry teacher-turned-murderous meth manufacturer will ultimately resolve itself. But there is one person who claims to know how the AMC drug thriller ends: Aaron Paul, the anything-but-"Bad" actor who stars on the show as reluctant drug slinger Jesse Pinkman.

"I know how it ends," Paul told MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival, where he's promoting the release of his new movie "Smashed." You wouldn't think Paul would spill any further details, but he proceeded to drop a bombshell bigger than the one that took out Gus Fring.

"Jesse dies," he deadpanned.

And just like Fring, our jaws dropped to the floor at the stunning revelation. But true to Pinkman's prankster ways, Paul immediately cracked up and cleared the air.

"No, no, no! He doesn't die! Or maybe he does," he continued ominously. "I don't know! Actually, I have no idea what's going to happen. But I'm excited to see [it play out]."

No matter how "Breaking Bad" reaches its conclusion, it will all come to an end one way or the other, sooner rather than later.

"[There are only] 16 more episodes, and then we're done," Paul said. "We start shooting at the end of March. I think it's going to be a full sprint to the finish, and it's going to be pretty intense."

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