AnnaLynne McCord Laughs Off Topless Twitpic Faux Pas

'I am going to tweet myself naked all the time,' the '90210' actress jokes to MTV News at Sundance.

Much like a plot right out of her soapy CW show, "90210," AnnaLynne McCord made headlines when she inadvertently tweeted out a NSFW photo of herself on January 10. It quickly became clear that she took the photo at the wrong angle, exposing a bit more of herself than she had expected to.

After realizing her Twitter faux pas, she laughed off the incident. "This is for you, @meganraee You Rock! Xxx," she initially tweeted, including the nipple-baring photo. She later added, "Hahaha! Megan, you feel like sharing? Very funny I actually LOL-ed xxxA."

When MTV News had the chance to speak to McCord during her trip to the Sundance Film Festival, she had a very amusing response to the tweet. "I am going to tweet myself naked all the time. I mean I am going to be a press whore from here on out. This is awesome," she joked about the headline-making incident. "You know what's so crazy to me, it's the sensationalism. I mean so disappointing, I'm sorry for everybody who thought I was going to be naked. You see more of me naked as Pauline in ['Excision'].

"Anyone with half of a brain knows it was an accident," she continued. "I have a very small areola and I have to get a magnifying glass to make sure that it's not in pictures in the future. That's the moral of the story."

McCord had a few more laughs at her own expense, adding, "The moral of the story is not to stop taking pictures of yourself naked. We all like being naked. Just make sure that the little bit of your areola isn't in the picture before you send it to a hundred billion people."

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