'Haywire' Star Gina Carano Talks Fighting Michael Fassbender

'I don't think he had any qualms about being physical with me,' actress says of her co-star.

Those of you who treated yourselves to Steven Soderbergh's action-packed thriller "Haywire" over the weekend know that MMA-fighter-turned-actress Gina Carano's unbelievable fight sequences steal the show.

Throughout the course of the film Carano's character, a special ops agent who seeks revenge on the colleagues who betrayed her, engages in serious hand-to-hand combat with the likes of Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, Ewan McGregor and Antonio Banderas. Each one of her fight sequences is memorable in its own right, but it is the bout with Fassbender's character that really packs a punch.

When MTV News caught up with Carano recently during the press day for the film, we asked her to take us through a few behind-the-scenes details of that scene. Spoilers ahead, along with further proof of Carano's general badassness with the way in which she throws around phrases like "vase smashed in his face" and "choke him out."

"The Fassbender fight is definitely special," Carano said. "It took two days [to shoot] and I don't think he had any qualms about being physical with me after he met me. He was like, 'You know what? She's somebody I can throw around and not hurt.' "

"It was just a beautiful fight scene. There were so many funny stories because he is a hilarious human being," Carano said, recalling jokes between takes. "We had a couple different stories that involved a vase getting smashed in his face. I think the bed scene where I choke him out with the triangle choke and then roll over, and then nobody really expects me to shoot him like that. I think that's been a very powerful scene."

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