Taylor Swift Supports Ethel Kennedy Doc At Sundance

Singer was seen in Park City at the red carpet for 'Ethel,' an upcoming HBO documentary.

PARK CITY, Utah — The Sundance Film Festival is no stranger to seeing masses of unexpected celebrities flocking to the snowy hills of Park City, but that didn't stop the surprise appearance of singer/songwriter Taylor Swift from attracting a crowd.

The "Back to December" singer hit Sundance on Friday (January 20) to attend the red-carpet premiere of "Ethel," the HBO documentary chronicling the life of Ethel Kennedy. Indeed, a grand total of 23 members of the Kennedy clan were on hand, including the documentary's director Rory, daughter of Ethel.

What exactly prompted Taylor's attendance at the "Ethel" red carpet? According to the musician herself in a recent interview with Vogue, Taylor had an encounter with the 83-year-old Ethel some weeks ago. Describing the woman as "effervescent," Taylor said the meeting with the wife of the late Robert Kennedy left her feeling "starstruck" for the first time in her life.

"The only time in my life I have ever been starstruck was meeting Caroline and Ethel Kennedy," she told the magazine. "I got to spend the afternoon with Ethel a couple of weeks ago. She is one of my favorites, because you look back at the pictures of her and Bobby, and they always look like they are having the most fun out of everybody. You know, 11 kids, all these exotic animals on their property. I've read a lot about them."

Taylor wasn't the only non-Kennedy who showed up to the "Ethel" red carpet. Sundance founder and legendary actor Robert Redford also hit the scene to show his appreciation and admiration for the project — and to pose for a few photos with Swift.

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