Big Sean, Willow Smith To Get Jahlil Beats Treatment In 2012

'I'ma be working, 2012 you gonna see my name for real,' Meek Mill's producer tells Mixtape Daily.

Meek Mill and Rick Ross' "I'ma Boss" wasn't Jahlil Beats' first production credit, but it is by far the biggest. The track's crashing drum stack and swirling synth line set the perfect pace for the rap hit. Thanks in part to the sound bed that the Chester, Pennsylvania, producer provided, "I'ma Boss" landed at the top of many best-of-2011 rap lists, including our RapFix best songs list.

Now Jahlil, who has already produced for Chris Brown, Soulja Boy and Fabolous, is seeing even more doors open for him. "It's crazy because me and Meek started off from the bottom, from the basement, and for us to get on this type of level where people saying he had one of the best singles of the year and stuff like that, it's just a blessing for me," Jahlil told Mixtape Daily on the red carpet for the reopening of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in New York on Wednesday night.

Last year, Jahlil signed on with Hov's Roc Nation as the label's in-house producer and he's looking forward to a fruitful 2012. "Right now I'm doing stuff for Willow [Smith], Meek, of course. I was just out in L.A. working with No ID on stuff for Big Sean," Beats said. "I'ma be working, 2012 you gonna see my name for real."

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