'Glee'-Cap: Will Pops The Question

And he isn't the only one — check out our musical recap of the latest episode!

Tuesday night's "Glee" was all about Will Schuester's proposal to longtime germaphobe girlfriend Emma, and since he apparently lacks any adult friends, he enlisted his glee-club "family" to help out. They pitched potential songs, ranging from a kick-ass "Moves Like Jagger/ Jumpin' Jack Flash" mash-up to a sensitive Rachel Berry cover of David Guetta and Usher's "Without You." But it was the girls' "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" that awakened Mercedes' old feelings for Trouty Mouth.

Meanwhile, Becky went after the man she loves — fellow handi-capable student Artie — and viewers sat and watched their brief relationship sour. Bummer. Bigger bummer? Finn's mom revealed the real way his soldier dad died. Biggest bummer? No Klaine.

It was an intense episode filled with belly laughs, several Kleenex-grabs, synchronized swimming, random guest stars and a shocking Finn/Rachel proposal cliffhanger. And it inspired this piano ballad musical "Glee"-cap. Hit play on the embedded video above to check it out, and sing along with the lyrics.

I think I hit my head while watching "Glee" this week

'Cause things got cray

A "Grease" homage, but Sam is way more buff than Travolta

And not as gay (happy)

Enter Coach NeNe Leakes

She's funnier and draggier than anything Eddie Murphy's done in years

Then Helen Mirren speaks as Becky's brain

I guess Ryan Murphy's "no guest stars" rule disappeared

Will asks the kids to pick a song for his proposal

'Cause he has no real friends and it's starting to freak me out

And in the last half-hour of the show, things got extra dark

And they tried really hard to bum me out

Surprise! Your dad died!

He OD'd thanks to PTSD from the Army

Not cool

Artie leads Becky on

She gets confused 'cause she has Downs

Then Artie almost drowns in a pool

I'm getting whiplash from the tone

LMAO-ing then, hell no, now I'm crying!

And then Finn proposed


If there's a double wedding, to the door I am heading

I think I hit my head while watching "Glee" this week

'Cause things got cray

It broke my mind so now I'll just be here

And dancing like Lana Del Rey

[Jim slowly turns in a circle, occasionally touching his hair, looking like a cat paralyzed in fear.]

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