Katy Perry Tweets Golden Globes: Madonna 'Looks Gooooooood'

Adam Levine, Ashton Kutcher and other celebs also hit Twitter to comment on the awards ceremony.

Katy Perry is a big Madonna fan, and if you didn't know that, you just needed to check her Twitter account during Sunday night's Golden Globes.

"Madge looks goooooood. I'd tap that," tweeted the pop star during the show, just as Madonna took the stage to accept her Globe for Best Original Song.

Madonna seemed to be the center of attention for several star tweeters. "Kinda digging Madonna bringing back the one glove ... w/ lots of bling of course!" LeAnn Rimes wrote.

"Madonna ... seems to have picked up ... Siri's speech cadence," joked Dixie Chick Natalie Maines.

She wasn't the only star who noted Madonna's speaking voice. Perez Hilton commented, "It's so nice that Madonna is embracing her American accent again!"

The night's parade of British winners coupled with British host Ricky Gervais made model/actress Brooklyn Decker take notice. "The Golden Globes are making me wish I had an English accent," she tweeted.

Katy Perry started off the night slowly but gained Twitter momentum as the show progressed. She was especially happy when Octavia Spencer won Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role. "YES girl! So deserved!!!" she wrote.

Maroon 5 frontman and "Voice" judge Adam Levine was getting excited about his spot as a presenter during the show. "About to attend the Golden Globes for the first time. I'm nominated for best actor EVER."

And one superstar celebrity tweeter was watching the Golden Globes, even though his mind was clearly elsewhere ... like on who won the New York Giants/ Green Bay Packers playoff game. "#GoldenGlobes check. Who won the game?" he typed. (The answer, Ashton Kutcher, is the Giants by a score of 37-20.)

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