Rocko Shows Gift Of Gab On New Mixtape

DJ Scream, Future and Verse Simmonds team up with Atlanta MC, who tells Mixtape Daily, 'I was put here to be great.'

Mixtape Daily: Main Pick

Headliners: Rocko and DJ Scream

Representing: Atlanta

Mixtape: G.O.G. (Gift of Gab)

Real Spit: Rocko got that gift of gab. The "Umma Do Me" rapper first made his name with his 2007 single and then went on to release his major-label debut, Self Made, a year later. There have been some hiccups along the way, but through it all the Atlanta rapper has remained one of his city's most-beloved figures. The A1 Entertainment CEO has been instrumental in Future's burgeoning career, but is still focused on his music as well. Need proof? Just check his latest, G.O.G.

Throughout the mixtape, Rocko crafts bouncy tracks with hit potential, while at the same time sharing his real-life experiences. On "Balance," Rocko teams with Verse Simmonds, and together they sing and rap about the tightrope walk they conduct when mixing business with their personal lives. The Zaytoven-produced "The Choice is Yours" is equally as enlightening. Rocko raps about moving from an illegal life to the legal music business.

Future appears on "Take U Away," "Squares Out Your Circle" and "Power of That P," on which he and Rocko employ tons of alliteration, using the letter "p" to speak about the many ways in which power manifest.

Over the course of 19 tracks, Rocko provides an even-keeled listen; with no noticeable dips, the DJ Scream-helmed mixtape bangs throughout. Then again, we expected nothing less.

Joints to Check For

» "Good Enough" - "One of my joints on there is that, 'Good just ain't good enough.' I always say that because that's just how I feel, that's how I inspire myself. I wake up, first thing I do is I fall on my knees and pray, then I get up and I hit the ground running because God keeps me in his favor. I'm good, but at the same time, I ain't good enough because I know I can be better. I was put here to be great, so yeah, I'm good but I ain't good enough."

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