'Caged' Brings 'Roller Coaster Of Emotions'

'All sorts of things go wrong, all sorts of things go right,' castmember Matt 'Danger' says of episode two of MTV series.

The series premiere of MTV's new docu-reality show "Caged" brought plenty of hard knocks and drama on Monday night. The show centers on the lives of MMA fighters both in the cage and out, and from what we saw, both bring heavy blows.

From the rocky relationship between castmembers Wes and Red to fellow fighter Daniel's tragic loss of his girlfriend Hannah, this season is sure to bring plenty of drama. Even the training leading up to a big fight had its heart-pounding moments, like Wes' decision to don a sauna suit in a hot car in order to sweat away water weight.

While the premiere focused more on the personal lives of Daniel and Wes, episode two brings more attention to the series' other standout castmember Matt, a.k.a. "Danger."

"In the next episode, you'll see a little more of my story and [the show] will start picking up more with me," Danger told MTV News.

In last Monday's episode we saw a bit of that story begin to develop. Danger confronted his sister about her decision to be a stripper, but the season teaser shown at the end of the episode alluded to an even bigger family problem: his mother's struggles with alcohol.

"At the time, my mother was going through a really difficult time, so I move in with her, I quit my job and start training full time. And it's a roller coaster of emotions and all sorts of things go wrong, all sorts of things go right, and a lot of things fell into my favor and a lot of things didn't," Danger said. "But y'all stay tuned and hopefully enjoy my story and become a fan of mine. I'm a hardworking fighter and I think you'll be able to tell."

While we've seen the downs, the series isn't without its ups. Danger was careful not to reveal too much, but he clued us in to what some of those ups will include over the course of this season.

"In coming episodes, you'll be able to see good friends of mine — a buddy of mine, Tony Kelly, he's coming up. He's a good training partner and one of my best training partners. I've been training with that dude now for two, three years — so very excited to see him get his opportunity to shine."

You can catch "Caged" on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.