George Clooney Teases Brad Pitt 'Death Match' At Critics' Choice Awards

'Descendants' star, who bested his buddy for Best Actor, also talks politics with MTV News.

It's a pretty good week when you get the chance to talk to George Clooney once. But God bless awards season, because just a few days after catching up with the "Descendants" star on the New York red carpet at the National Board of Review, we snagged some time with him again Thursday (January 12) in Los Angeles at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards.

As always, the guy was utterly charming. Can't wait for the Golden Globes this Sunday! We can't say the same for Clooney, who isn't exactly impressed these days by all the awards-season hubbub.

"The truth is, I think awards are always a very nice thing, in particular in helping films that are small continue to be made, because they are hard to get made," he told MTV News. "There was a time when I was younger that the idea of them was intimidating and the idea of these kinds of shows was intimidating, and now it's just fun, because I get to see people I like that I don't get to see very often."

Of more interest for Clooney is the political horserace rather than the Hollywood one. "There's been a pretty fun debate in the Republican Party; I've enjoyed watching. I'm sad it's coming to a close," he admitted. "I'm a Democrat, so there are things that are fun about it. Listen, they're going to find a guy, and it looks like it's going to be Mitt Romney, and then away we go."

That's a much more entertaining prospect than facing off against his Hollywood friends — guys like "Moneyball" star Brad Pitt, whom he's been faux-battling all awards season. Clooney triumphed this time around, besting his pal for Best Actor at the CCMAs.

"I'm sure there's a death match," he joked of the Clooney-vs.-Pitt hype in the media. "Look, he's my buddy, so everything that happens that's good for him makes me very happy."

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