'Dance Moms' Star Talks Fame, Rosie O'Donnell Run-In

Abby Lee Miller says O'Donnell wants to play her in a movie.

Early TV ratings show Tuesday night's "Dance Moms" season-two premiere scored 2.5 million viewers — a series high — so it's no wonder that the star of the show, dance instructor Abby Lee Miller, has a difficult time going incognito in public.

"The kids notice me first," Miller told MTV News about her newfound fame. " 'Mom! That's the lady from "Dance Moms!" ' "

However, Abby said some fans are more eager to give her a piece of their mind than request an autograph. "Just three days ago, I was having a rare dinner with a friend, and this lady walked right up to our table and started yelling at me because I'm mean to ['Dance Moms' co-star] Holly. 'Holly is not some ghetto girl! Holly is very well-educated!'And she went on and on and on and on and on. And the restaurant called the police! She was interrupting the whole restaurant," Miller recalled. "Then I immediately called Holly to tell her. In retrospect, it was funny."

While Miller is able to brush the dirt off her shoulders ("It's reality television! It's fun! It's entertainment!"), the dance instructor with decades of experience is still having a difficult time adjusting to being a TV star — specifically, physically watching herself on the boob tube. "I just look at my hair and my double chin and my this and my that. They put Natalie Portman's face on somebody else's body, but they can't fix me up a little?" Miller joked of the "Black Swan" star.

Hollywood has taken notice of Abby Lee Miller too. Last summer, Neil Patrick Harris tweeted about his "Dance Moms" obsession, and in December, Miller had a public run-in with another plus-size TV star known for her big mouth and witty barbs.

"I was recently at 'Lysistrata Jones' [on Broadway], and the guy who wrote the show was in the audience. He spotted me, he asked me to stay and meet the cast, and of course I was honored to do so," Miller said. "And Rosie O'Donnell was there the same night. And she was onstage, then saw me, and she just went ballistic. She started screaming and quoting me. She wants to play me."

But before the Lifetime Original Movie "911 on Speed Dial: The Abby Lee Miller Story" gets green-lit, Rosie had some advice for the dance guru. "She said, 'Why don't you just shoot all those mothers and put us all out of our misery?' "

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