Dance Moms 'Not Very Grateful,' Abby Lee Miller Says

'You would think that the mothers would see things a little clearer now,' outspoken instructor tells MTV News about Tuesday's season-two premiere.

Abby Lee Miller is just as eager to see the second-season premiere of "Dance Moms" as the rest of us. Although she's the star of Lifetime's runaway reality hit about a tough-love dance instructor and the meddling moms that get in her way, she doesn't see the show ahead of time.

"I see [the episodes] when you see them," Miller told MTV News. "People are asking me questions about future episodes, and I'm just like, 'I don't remember what happened. Sorry!' "

But once the titular dance moms are brought up in conversation, Miller has no problem recalling her ongoing drama with the cast. (Buckle up, readers. She's got a lot to say about everyone!)

"They're just not very grateful," Miller whispered. "You would think that the mothers would see things a little clearer now, now that they're on a television show and now that they do have fans, that they [wouldn't] be a little more respectful of me. I just think that they don't want to recognize the fact [that] if it wasn't for Abby Lee Miller and the Abby Lee Dance Company and having their children enrolled in my studio that they would be on a show," Miller said.

A lot of the drama in season two — premiering Tuesday night (January 10) at 9 p.m. — stems from the inflated egos of the newly famous cast. "[Dance mom Kristi] went behind everyone's back and hired a publicist," Miller sighed. "Kristi has this bizarre twisted imagination that they would have just picked [daughter] Chloe up in any dance studio in the Pittsburgh area. How would that have happened? That's not the way that it came to be."

Still, even with the spotlight brighter than ever, the lady in charge insists that nobody "turns it on" for the camera. "I think why the show always works is there's that underlying original story or characters, if you will, that had these original problems before Lifetime, before [production company] Collins Avenue, before [producer/creator] John Corella and I ever put this together and he ran with it and made this all happen," Miller said. "Those things like grown adult mothers being jealous of [child dancer] Maddie — that's still there."

One of Abby Lee Miller's biggest pet peeves is the "favoritism" accusation thrown her way in regards to Maddie, the award-winning dancer often perched on top of Miller's achievement pyramid over classmates Chloe and Paige. "Bull!" Miller screamed. "[Maddie]'s paying for one-on-one lessons. At registration in August, guess who wasn't there [to sign up for one-on-one lessons]? I don't know if I'm allowed to say," Miller trailed off, hinting at future season-two plot-points.

"These moms, this is their first child that they've had involved in this. This is my 3,000th child I've had involved in this. So I've done this all before. I can take you back 30 years and give you two names just like Maddie and Chloe. Another five years? Another two kids. Another five years? Another two kids. There's always two kids in that studio that are vying for the top spot. There's all those other kids who are in the group [too]. Some of those [other] kids are on Broadway right now. It's not always the one who was really good and winning everything when they were little that ends up with a career. Bodies change, interests change, passion changes. You never know. I mean, look at Paige; she's stunning. She's a beautiful child. When she's 18, it's all going to come together. She's gonna fill out, she's still gonna be beautiful. The dancing's gonna click. You don't need to do the steps that Maddie's doing to be in a Broadway show or to be a Rockette."

Another hot topic is Holly's inability to see her daughter Nia perform at a dance competition due to a work commitment. It's a fight that kicks off season two and it still remains a contentious issue, long after the second season wrapped taping. "[Holly]'s a principal of a school. She's a hotshot. Leave early! Come on! She just got in trouble two days ago for me. Didn't show up again at a competition, and it was a Saturday. Now what? And her husband's a really good-looking, nice guy with a big job. Hire an assistant! Do whatever you have to do!"

But nobody gets Abby Lee Miller's blood boiling quite like Cathy Nesbitt-Stein, rival dance coach at Candy Apple's Dance Center in Ohio. Miller accused Cathy of stealing a bumblebee costume Miller leant to her daughter. "I think they're stealing a lot of things," Miller joked, referencing a tricked-out video-screen pyramid PowerPoint that fans will see Cathy use at Candy Apple's in the season-two premiere.

"I went to the [Apple store] in Pittsburgh and I said, 'I want this and I wanna throw [the girls' pictures onscreen] like "CSI." ' And then I told my producers at Collins Avenue, 'I need this! This is the way it has to be.' And then they stole that idea and gave it to [Cathy]. You can't trust anybody in this business," Miller said.

Watch Abby Lee Miller be "always right" and never get the respect she deserves when the drama-filled second season of "Dance Moms" premieres Tuesday night at 9 on Lifetime.