'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Has Us Pumped For Fresh Blood

'Twilight' Tuesday looks forward to all the vampires making their debut in the November 2012 finale.

Looking ahead to November, when we finally get to see the end of the "Twilight" franchise in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," there are many things to get excited about. For starters, Bella is now a vampire, Renesmee is growing up and the Volturi are back.

But what I am most looking forward to are all the fresh vampires. There are so many new characters, not to mention the fun involved in the adventurous search for allies, getting the group together, bonding over things like eating habits and fighting against the Volturi.

Therefore, in the spirit of MTV Movies' Ones to Watch in 2012, this "Twilight" Tuesday is dedicated to the ones to watch in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" — which if you didn't already know, is also a big part of our MTV Movie Brawl 2012.

Before I get to my favorite new additions, "Twilight" vampire expert and star Peter Facinelli had these kind words to say about a few of his new castmates when MTV News caught up with him: "There's Maggie Grace; she's fantastic. Christian Camargo is fantastic and Juilliard-trained. I always wish I went to Juilliard, so when I meet people from Juilliard, I'm always jealous," he said. "Mia Maestro — there's so many talented people that were tapped. It's a much larger cast."

Clearly, Facinelli has a thing for the Denali coven, which we got a glimpse of in "Part 1" during Bella and Edward's wedding. The Denali clan is another group of vegetarian vamps consisting of Irina (Grace), former Volturi Eleazar (Camargo) and his multilingual mate Carmen (Maestro).

The Denalis are, indeed, a nice bunch. My personal favorite new vampire, however, is Garrett, the American nomad played by charming and adorable actor Lee Pace ("Pushing Daisies," "The Fall"). I remember liking him from the moment Stephenie Meyer introduced him, due to the 6-foot-2 factor, his curiosity and his adventurous nature. His character has a nice arc, which I'll avoid spoiling fully here, and Pace is the absolute perfect actor to play him.

Fellow fan and creator of the Kristen Stewart Hot Bodyguard Facebook page Sarah M. also brought up JD Pardo, who plays the other vamp/human hybrid Nahuel. "He was super nice at the BD1 premiere & ain't too hard on the eyes either!" she tweeted.

What do you think, "Twilight" fans? Who are other ones to watch in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2"? Let us know in the comments or tweet me @karawarner!

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