Russell Brand Slides Off Wedding Ring In Pre-Divorce Video

Comedian jokingly removed band in November announcement for his college tour.

A little over a month before he announced he would be taking off his wedding ring for good, Russell Brand jokingly took off his band when he announced his college tour. The video announcement, which he (and Katy Perry) posted in mid-November, seems to be getting some attention thanks to Brand's pre-split jovial nature about removing his ring and learning about what happens in sorority houses.

He opens the clip saying, "Hello Americans! This is a time of terrific change and the perfect time for me to go on a tour." He then rambles on about American college life, adding, "I don't know nothing about your college culture. This, for me, is going to be an educational experience.

"Now in each of these cases I want to meet people from sororities and fraternities," he continued. "I don't know what a sorority is except for the things I've seen on Nudevista; that they are sort of sex clubs for women. Fraternities, that's a bit like the film 'Animal House' or 'Social Network.' These are the only references I have."

Noting that he hoped to create worlds of "decadence" on the road, he further teased, "We are going to change college life forever. First of all, I'm going to understand it, then we're going to change it, and then we're gonna try and understand the new version."

As the video ends, Brand slides off his ring, with this message, "This is going to be a week of revolution, a week of occupation, and, more important, I'm going to learn firsthand about sororities. I'm going to place this somewhere very, very safe for the next week," he said about his ring.

At the time, his former wife tweeted her support for the shows. In fact, she was the person who tweeted out the video originally. "My [foul] mouthed Hubby @rustyrockets is playing a few mid-west/east-coast shows starting tonight onwards!" she wrote. "SUPPORT!"

The video's resurgence comes just one day after Perry announced she'd no longer attend Wednesday's People's Choice Awards.

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