Will Adele Perform At The Grammy Awards?

Singer is rumored to be opening the show, where she's up for six awards.

Adele has been lying low since a vocal surgery in November, but now it seems she could be poised to hit up the Grammy Awards next month.

According to Radaronline.com, the six-time nominee is in talks to perform at the show. "Adele will be at the Grammys in Los Angeles on February 12 at the Staples Center," a source told the website. "She's thrilled to be nominated," but it's been a hard time for her because of the surgery. She has begun talking more, with her doctor's permission. Adele's best friend in recent weeks has been warm compresses around her neck to help the healing process of her vocal chords."

Adele, who keeps topping the charts nearly a year after dropping her album 21, is just waiting it out until she knows for sure that she can be at her best for the broadcast. "Producers of the Grammys would love to have Adele perform and open the show, but she isn't able to give them an answer yet," the source added. "She won't be able to give them an answer until the beginning of February, and they completely understand."

The singer took home two Grammys in 2009. Shortly after her surgery last year, she released a statement to fans: "Sorry I haven't written for a while. Thank you for all your positive thoughts and get well wishes," Adele wrote. "I'm doing really well, on the mend, super happy, relaxed and very positive with it all. The operation was a success, and I'm just chilling out now until I get the all clear from my doctors."

Adele is still riding high off the release of 21, spawning several inescapable singles including the ubiquitous "Rolling in the Deep," which topped MTV's list as Song of the Year for 2011. Adele's Grammy appearance could be timed with a potential March cover of Vogue.