Taylor Kitsch Talks 'All-Or-Nothing' 2012

Roles in 'Battleship,' 'John Carter' and 'Savages' make the 'Friday Night Lights' alum one to watch in 2012.

Kids are growing up fast these days. One day, they're playing fullback for the Dillon Panthers. Next thing you know, they're saving Mars, selling weed and fighting aliens on a battleship.

For Taylor Kitsch, 2012 is the year he grows up. A fan favorite from the "Friday Night Lights" television show, Kitsch makes the transition to full-on action star with "John Carter" and "Battleship." If that weren't enough, later in the year, he'll star in "Savages," a crime film helmed by one of Hollywood's most formidable directors, Oliver Stone.

And Kitsch knows exactly what he's getting into: "It's a pretty all-or-nothing year, right?"

"All-or-nothing" is about as close as you can get to properly describing the year Kitsch has in front of him. Aside from starring in "FNL" creator Peter Berg's next film, "Battleship," Kitsch is smack-dab in the middle of Disney's big-budget sci-fi epic "John Carter." When it comes down to it, the fate of "John Carter" may rest firmly on Kitsch's abs.

"Of course, there's the physicality," said Kitsch, explaining his revealing wardrobe, comprised mostly of a glorified loincloth. "You're pretty out there, not going to lie." Kitsch insisted that the fashion choices never bothered him because it was true to the character. "It felt right, so it wasn't such a big deal," he said.

Despite the film's special effects and high budget, Kitsch said there is something much deeper to this story of a transported Civil War captain. "There's kind of that stigma with big movies that it's just action," Kitsch said. "But with this, it's really just the core of this guy and his journey of reinventing himself and finding himself again."

With such a full plate, Kitsch said he feels a whole mix of emotions, both good and bad. "I think it's a bit of everything," he said. "I'm excited. I'm nervous, but I'm also super proud of it, and I can't wait to show. Especially from 'John Carter' to 'Battleship' to 'Savages,' that's such a different landscape of a character."

It's not just you, Taylor. We're excited too.

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