Jon Huntsman's Daughters Talk Music With Sway

Mary Anne, Abby and Liddy love everything from Rachmaninoff to the Roots, they tell MTV News in New Hampshire.

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Just one day before the big primary here on Tuesday, I touched down in New Hampshire and had an interesting talk with Republican candidate Jon Huntsman's daughters.

Unlike some other political kids out there stumping for their candidate moms and dads, the former Utah governor has let his daughters — Mary Anne, 26; Abby, 25; and Liddy, 24 — be themselves on the campaign trail. That means they've been able to tweet (even a shout-out to me!) and post videos — including ones in which they made fun of a Herman Cain campaign clip and another in which they spoofed Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack" — and talk about the kinds of things you don't normally hear from on-message political kids.

One of the most fascinating things I've found is that while their father is having the race of his life as a first-time presidential candidate and he needs to win this state or have a great showing, his daughters and I spent half our time talking about music they love. Liddy is a big fan of the Roots, which was one of the first groups she mentioned when I asked who she listens to.

I thought it was fascinating that she loves hip-hop. She also likes John Legend. Mary Anne is a classical pianist. Abby said they grew up listening to rock and roll. In fact, she said their dad was in a rock band when he was younger (and had long hair) and that if he'd made it as a musician, he might never have turned to politics.

Liddy also described the time when she was in seventh grade and hid some CDs under her bed that her dad might not have approved of. That is, until he found them and broke them in half. So even in the heart of politics, you can find music lovers.

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