Chris Brown Is The Male Beyonce, Fat Joe Says

'You know, he's a sex symbol,' Joe Crack tells MTV News.

When it comes to Fat Joe's "Another Round" collaborator, Chris Brown, the Bronx MC holds the singer to a high standard. Breezy doesn't just bring his soulful vocals and soothing melodies to Joe's track, his appearance in the Colin Tilley-directed video also provides some eye candy for the ladies.

"You know, that guy, he's like the 'guy Beyoncé,' " Joe joked to MTV News last week.

In the clip, CB and a slimmed-down Joe Crack serenade a number of bikini-clad beauties on a golden beach. "Don't you be holding back your love," Breezy sings on the hook before assuring his lady that after making love with him she's sure to want "another round."

Brown really gets into it on the song's bridge and final hook. The blond (again) lothario splashes around in the ocean, tearing off his shirt as he puts more emotion into his vocals. Joe likened Brown's performance in "Another Round" to Queen B's performance in her 2006 video for "Déjà Vu," where she runs through a cornfield while singing for her special someone. Like most Beyoncé videos, the visuals were particularly exciting to her male fanbase. Joe said Breezy's "Another Round" appearance has been evoking a similar reaction with the rapper's female following.

"This guy takes his shirt off — I played it for a couple of chicks before we released it and they just start goin' crazy and buggin' out like, 'Oh my God, yo,' " Joe laughed. "You know, he's a sex symbol."

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