Blue Ivy Carter Makes Debut On New Jay-Z Track

'My most greatest creation was you,' Jay tells his newborn daughter on 'Glory'

Only a few days old and young Blue Ivy Carter has already clocked in a duet with her big poppa. On Monday (January 9), Jay-Z dropped "Glory" featuring B.I.C. on his Life and Times blog.

Over a simple but soulful loop, Jay dedicates his bars to he and Beyoncé's newborn daughter. "The most amazing feeling I feel/ Words can't describe the feeling, for real/ Baby I'll paint the sky blue/ My most greatest creation was you," Hov begins over the Pharrell-produced track.

For the heartfelt dedication, Jigga employs a slow flow, rhyming almost as if in spoken word. The measured pace only helps to intensify the emotion. Hov goes on to rhyme about the "false alarms" and "false start" that he and B faced leading up to the birth of the couple's first child. As guarded as Jay has been throughout the entire pregnancy, he opens about the couple's intimate moments, painting a picture of Baby Blue dancing in B's belly and then playfully asking, "Did you wiggle your hands for her?"

The Brooklyn-bred MC goes on to look back on his own troubled past, wishing that he had prayed more, but seemingly thankful that all of the drama of his drug-dealing past is behind him so he could enjoy the moment. "A younger, smarter, faster me," he describes his new bundle of joy.

Jay-Z goes even deeper and doesn't hold back. In the song's final verse, he tells little Ms. Blue Ivy of her grandfather's demise, telling her that despite being an absentee father, "deep down" Adnis Reeves was "a good man." Jay goes on to tell his baby girl that she was conceived in Paris and even opens up about a "miscarriage."

And he doesn't hold back when he delivers a healthy brand of lyricism, spitting, "You're my child with the child from Destiny's Child/ That's a hell of a recipe."

As the song fades out, baby Blue Ivy makes her first appearance on record, crying and cooing as Pharrell brings the drums and soul sample to a close. Glorious.

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