'Jersey Shore' Girls Dish On 'The Unit'

'He's like Mike times 10 ... It's not attractive,' Snooki tells MTV News.

In the season five premiere, "Jersey Shore" picks up right where it left off, bringing nothing but drama. But this time, it was brought by someone from outside the house: Jonny "The Unit."

During the premiere episode on Thursday, Mike "The Situation" introduces us to his best friend, who wasted no time stirring up tension among Snooki, her boyfriend Jionni and Mike.

" 'The Unit' is another part of Mike," Deena told MTV News. "He's like Mike's unit, it's kind of unreal. He kind of, like, gives Mike more 'umph' to be, like, a jerk."

Snooki added, "He's like Mike times 10, so it's, like, gross, gross, gross. It's not attractive."

In the season five kickoff, the housemates immediately go from the cobblestone streets of Florence to the boardwalk of Seaside, New Jersey. To celebrate their big return, the crew is given a surprise homecoming party, which brought out everyone's friends and family.

Yet the celebration quickly turned sour when "The Unit" threatened to tell Snooki's boyfriend, Jionni, that he witnessed she and "The Situation" hooking up — a story line that was heavily followed during season four in Florence.

"I think in Italy it was all drama because we missed home and obviously some people were stirring up unnecessary, fake rumors in the house," Snooki told MTV News before the premiere. "So when we get back to Jersey, you're gonna see that pan out more."

It doesn't seem like we've seen the last of "The Unit." After the two had a heated conversation at the welcome-home party, Snooki offered an apology, which he reluctantly accepted — for now.

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