Big Boi, Killer Mike, Pill Collabo Album In The Works

'Them two are rap greats and for them two to actually want to do a project with me, it's unbelievable,' Pill tells 'RapFix Live.'

Pill's situation with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group may not have worked out, but the Atlanta spitter has his eyes set on a collaborative project with Killer Mike and OutKast's Big Boi.

"We working, we thinking about dropping a tape, honestly 'cause me and Big and all us we done did records already," Pill told "RapFix Live." "We thinking about droppin' a tape and then droppin' an album."

In February 2011, Killer Mike revealed that he, Big Boi and Pill were forming a group, which is still unnamed. There isn't much in the way of details, but Pill insists that the trio is putting something together.

"We already workin', we getting' it in. It's a full-time grind," he said. "Them two are rap greats and for them two to actually want to do a project with me, it's unbelievable."

The "Trap Goin' Ham" rapper made headlines earlier this week when he revealed to MTV News that despite his close affiliation with Rozay's MMG label and appearing on his Self Made compilation, Pill was never technically signed to Maybach. The MC, who charges that MMG's parent label, Warner Music Group (to which he is currently signed), never gave him a fair push on radio or TV. He is now looking to be released from Warner.

Still, Pill is far from being in the dumps. In the coming weeks, Pillionaire plans to drop his solo mixtape The Epidemic and then, of course, is the project with Killer Mike and Big Boi, which he is excited about. While Pill does acknowledge Mike's and Big's respective greatness, he makes it clear that he is no slouch on the mic.

"For other people to try to think that I'm not lyrical enough or I'm not as good a rapper — you got guys that everybody looks up to as rappers doin' a project with me," he said. "So you know I'm just ready for that sh-- to actually take off so we can show people what hip-hop look like in the flesh."

Are you looking forward to Pill's group album with Big Boi and Killer Mike? Let us know in the comments.