Cults Will 'Blow It Out Of The Water' In 2012

'Working on music — that's going to be what 2012 is about,' Brian Oblivion tells MTV News.

When Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin, the duo known as Cults, dropped by MTV to discuss their whirlwind 2011, they had some pretty exciting things to say about 2012 as well.

"2012 for Cults is going to be more hectic than any year ever," Brian promised of the coming year, which kicks off with a final leg of the tour for their self-titled debut album in the major Northeast cities this month before finishing off in Australia and New Zealand.

Cults — who formed in 2010 and were shortly thereafter signed by the Columbia Records imprint In the Name Of, run by British pop star Lily Allen — claim that they have come a long way since they started playing together.

"Our first show was in 2010 and was pretty horrible," Follin laughed. "If you Google 'Cults live,' our very first show is the first video to pop up and people are like, 'God! This band sucks!' We had, like, 15 people in the band. We had no idea how to play the songs."

As Cults shows continue to sell out now, the days of bad shows are behind them.

"After playing pretty much a show a day for the past year," Follin explained, "we've massively changed, and we're still changing and growing as a band."

Cults will soon be releasing a third music video from their debut album, for the song "You Know What I Mean." They gave us some secret details, and it is sure to be as well-received as their videos for "Abducted" and "Go Outside."

Oblivion already has video ideas for the future. "For the next record, I want to do, like, all the videos sewn together like a movie," he told us.

While they work on getting their new music together, fans will continue to dig into the duo's playful first album.

"Working on music — that's going to be what 2012 is about, which is really exciting," Brian teased. "I think we're going to blow it out of the water."